Our Craft
As one of Europe’s leading independent beef processors, Dovecote Park is committed to ensuring that all our beef is cut, packed and presented to the absolute highest standards. Our dedicated facilities in Stapleton and Skellingthorpe are constantly expanding and progressing in order to meet rising demand and incorporate innovative and efficient technology into our business practice.


Butchery is one of Britain’s oldest and most respected traditions, and here at Dovecote Park, we like to keep it that way. The Boning Hall at our Stapleton plant combines state of the art automated de-boning machinery with good old traditional knife skills – to ensure that all our product is prepared to the highest standards for our customers. All our beef is hung in carefully controlled conditions for a minimum of two days to ensure tenderness and quality of eating, with the hindquarters aged for a further five days to allow the leaner meat time to develop the finest texture. Specially selected cuts will be aged for longer in our bespoke dry-age chiller – for more information about our unique dry aging process, click here.

Within the boning hall - fores, hinds and flanks are all butchered on separate lines by a team of highly-trained butchers with a wealth of experience, which we believe is evident in the care and precision given to each cut of beef which passes through the plant. We are always training new members of Dovecote Park in the art of butchery, passing on the vast knowledge of our senior butchers to the next generation and keeping high-quality, time-honoured British butchery alive.

Retail Packaging

When it comes to retail packaging, Dovecote Park are constantly pushing development within the industry. We take great care to ensure that we limit our environmental impact and avoid wasting unnecessary packaging wherever possible. We take great pride in the fact that we are often the first processors to bring new packaging ideas to the marketplace.

In 2008 we began to work with flow-wrap technology in the packaging of our minced beef and diced ranges, reducing the amount of packaging required and increasing efficiency, with more packs able to be produced in less time. We also work extensively with skin-pack technology on our steaks and joints. By using skin-pack, which removes all the air from the packaging the amount of material required is reduced by more than 50%, resulting in a far more cost-effective and environmentally friendly practice. In addition, as microbial growth is slowed due to the absence of oxygen within the pack, the shelf life of the product is significantly raised.

In 2013, Dovecote Park began supplying all frozen beef product to Waitrose along with fresh – this change saw the introduction of Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) technology to the retail production department, and a further expansion of our business to meet consumer needs.

New Product Development

We are relentlessly striving to bring new, unique and exciting beef products into the industry. Our New Product Development team designs and takes new products from the ideas and flavours stage through to launch on the supermarket shelf, as well as overseeing the process changes that take place throughout the business from abattoir to retail. The NPD team consists of a development chef and specification and process technologists, who work closely with production and sales to create, develop and implement new product ranges in order to keep our business fresh and meet consumer trends. Our innovative development includes launching seasonal products, working with lesser-used cuts of beef and offal types in order to help carcase balance, and increasing the quality and efficiency of our existing products.

Recent developments from our New Product Development team have included the widely publicised launch of beef faggots, an old favourite we are proud to bring back to the shelf, a range of steak and flavoured butter lines, and a revamped selection of barbecue kebabs and grillsteaks for the summer season.